About Arvid Lee

As a pastel artist I was always intrigued with doodling. My style of doodling gravitated more towards the use of hard geometric, puzzle type line drawings rather than the softer shadings and blending you would normally find with pastels. Gradually the simple designs displayed on scrap paper moved to more formal and larger formats but for some reason they never seemed to work on paper. I happened upon a stained-glass window and realized that my doodles would translate perfectly to that medium. Thus, my interest in stained glass was born.

Working with stained glass can be very challenging. Because
I design all of my work, I found that I had to not only be an artist but I had to have the skills of an architect as well. The artwork must be designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but it must also be technically sound. It has to make structural sense. When designing and constructing my pieces, I have to think through the possibilities and impossibilities of working with a medium that has limitations and it's frailties. Working in stained glass is a lot like building your own color puzzle and keeping in mind that you have to be careful because it may break. 

In my artwork I strive to create the unpredictable and intriguing. I love the use of strong lines and thought-provoking color combinations. I want my work to be edgy and inspiring. I enjoy the interplay of hundreds of individual pieces of glass coalescing into a magnificent, integrated piece of art. My work is designed to create moods and evoke emotions. I pull my creative efforts from the world around me. From the piece I did when my grandson was born called “Mother and Child” to the series I created highlighting women’s fascination with modern day hairstyles. My work parallels life…always changing, always moving depending on the environment and circumstances. Stained glass is like life…changing hues and color values as the day moves from morning to evening.

Life is art. 



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