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I believe that God has gifted everybody with something that they are good at and I believe my gift is the ability to create works of art. As a young boy I was told that you could never make a career out of art so I pursued business and relegated my art interest to nothing more than an occasional hobby. But as many of you know, if you don’t follow your passion the desire never really goes away.  To satisfy that creative itch, I took some art classes, produced a few works of art, and even sold a few things but nothing that affirmed a real commitment.


As I past the time with some art projects, I found myself drawn to pastels. Pastels had become my medium of choice, but from time to time, I would find myself doodling with a plain piece of paper and a pen. As I examined the doodling, I was amazed as to how my doodled designs resembled the design you would see in a puzzle. One day it occurred to me that some of the doodles would be nice in a larger format where the lines and the shapes would be solidly defined. This would take on a different direction from the shading, contouring, and fading that you see with pastel drawing. And thus, my journey into stained glass was born.


After taking some classes on stained glass and getting more into the medium, I observed that most stained glass was found in church. And the stained glass designs I did see in homes were nice but were predictable and not very inspiring. I found myself wanting to create pieces that were out of the box. I wanted to create pieces that were intriguing, emotionally captivating, and  thought provoking. I would want  something that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in stained glass, something different, something funky.  This is easier said than done because glass is not the easiest medium to work with. For one thing, glass wants to break in a straight line and  a lot of my designs incorporate curves and circles. So, the constant challenge that you have is that you have to be a “technician”, a problem solver, as much as you are an artist. After I come up with an idea, I must then figure how to make it work within the confines of the medium.


Current I work on 3 bodies of work: afro- centric, inspirational, and eclectic. I have sold many of pieces that you see on the website but I do keep all of my original designs. From time to time, I have found a few clients wanting a piece that I have created in the past. The great thing is that no one piece is the same even though I may use the same design. That is because no one piece of glass is the same. Each piece of glass has its own individual color nuances and unique design characteristics. 


I have sold many pieces and have displayed in public buildings. But as I continue to grow, I am thankful, grateful, and humbled that God has given me the ability and opportunity to create.   He is the GREAT CREATOR and when I create stained glass I am imitating or reflecting Him…. thus, the company name “In HIS Image Stained Glass”. I am excited to see where HE will take me and how he wants to use my talents and abilities because in HIM that I move and breath. He is allowing me work out what I knew as a kid but didn’t discover it until I was a man …. understand who you are and who’s you are and working it out.


Peace and blessing,


Arvid Lee



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